Delivery of Electronic Health Records via IPAD

26 Mar

My fellow travelers of the delivery of data and analytics within healthcare….

I can’t help shake the nagging question:  What will be the impact of iPAD / Droid on EHR technology?  Will it be a paradigm changer or a fad?  While, I don’t have the answers, I found a few articles and opinions regarding EHR’s and IPAD/I Phone Apps while casually strolling the internet Friday night…

In general, it is agreed that it will take some time to adapt, however, a few EHR vendors are already in the market with systems built from the ground up for the iPad:

  • Nimble – Released by ClearPractice in October, 2010.
  • Dr. Chrono – Founded in 2009 with their first release in 2010.

Additionally, there are well over 10,000 medical apps available in the Apple App Store. These apps range from basic ICD-9 lookup tools to more advanced apps to track patient SOAP notes. A recent article listed interesting top EHR tools:

Lightweight EHRs
iMediNotes – iMediNotes lets physicians create and track basic SOAP notes. It offers very limited templates.
Mediforms EMR – The free version of this EMR was released in early 2010 and is geared towards gynecologists. The paid version will be coming in 2011 and will be more full-featured, including templates for other specialties.
SurgiChart – Released just last week, SurgiChart allows surgeons to track and share their patient case summaries. It currently does not allow the ability to create or edit them.
Scutsheet – Scutsheet provides basic functionality for creating, editing, and tracking patient progress notes and lab test results.

Other Medical Apps
MediMobile – MediMobile is primarily a charge capture application. It also offers the ability to track patient information and PQRI requirements. It also integrates with existing billing systems. This core functionality provides a lot of the core EMR functionality and could pave the way towards a more complete EMR system.
Epocrates – One of the most popular medical apps on the App Store, Epocrates is a mobile drug information resource for physicians. It doesn’t offer ability to track patient records, but tracking drug interactions is a key component of EMRs. If they were able to build a mobile EMR, they’d be able to capture market share quickly through their large user base.
Medscape – While this app is comparable to Epocrates as a drug reference tool, the vendor WebMD is a likely iPad EMR candidate. Despite the WebMD/Emdeon split in 2006, WebMD could realize synergies with their past medical billing systems and leverage a large network of users.

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