Where have all the Visionaries gone?

26 Mar

Gartner’s magic quadrant as it stands today still shows the traditional enterprise BI Platforms (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Microstrategy etc.) in the Leaders quadrant while the Data Discovery Platforms with the exception of Qliktech are in the Challengers (Tableau, Tibco) or in the Niche Players category (Jaspersoft et al).

However, that will be in a state of flux as Traditional BI vendors  add Data Discovery to their portfolio (Microsoft with PowerPivot, SAP with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, IBM with IBM Cognos Express and Information Builders with WebFocus Visual Discovery ) as they see BI spend dollars slipping to Data Discovery vendors with their ability to model, navigate and visualize data.

Meanwhile, data discovery tool vendors (like Qliktech) are implementing capabilities to improve their enterprise readiness.

Surprisingly there is no player in the “Visionary” category. So it seems that we are stuck with these two alternate approaches (Traditional Platform and Data Discovery) and their hybrids for the near term horizon. The time is now ripe for a Google/Amazon/Facebook mash up kind of approach to BI.

Maybe IBM may have something up its sleeve with “Watson”.  However, natural query language has been around for awhile as a technology looking for a marketing campaign (just ask “Easy Ask”).

I am looking for the true visionary… are you out there? Let’s change some paradigms….

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Posted by on March 26, 2011 in BI Vendors


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